Lance Boen, 9 Plus – Into the Flats
Lance Boen, 7/9 Plus – Into the Flats DetailLance Boen - Wine BoxLance Boen - Pouch DetailLance Boen - Signature DetailLance Boen - Wine Box and Pouch

Lance Boen 9 Plus “Into the Flats” – Sold Out


Over the past year we’ve been working with artist Lance Marshall Boen on producing some limited edition engraved fly reels. Now when I say engraved, I’m not talking about laser engraving. I’m talking about fully machined relief engraving into the surface of the reel. To our knowledge this has not been done before. And, as you can see the results are stunning.

Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon.  Need we say more.  We even threw in a Cuda for good measure.

Reel Size

9 Plus




Type 2 Anodize

Line Weights

7-9, 9-12


4.0" (7 Plus), 4.25" (9 Plus)


1.125" (7 Plus), 1.375" (9 Plus)


Clear/Root Beer Metal Flake


Large Arbor