Kevin Price

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Kevin Price has a long list of experience and accomplishments in the Fly Fishing industry, but would rather focus on the real reason he loves being a Hatch pro staff member.  KP says, “I have worked in both guiding and retail for long enough to understand the customer’s point of view, and what the consequences are of having somebody show up with inferior gear. It’s not every day that a product comes along and you really want to get behind it. Some guys will throw their name on the line just to get a box of free stuff and say they’re on a staff, I can’t do that. When I recommend Hatch, it comes from the heart and I know if I was spending my hard earned cash it would be money well spent. I always get a good night sleep knowing that when I recommend any angler to buy a Hatch, regardless of the game they’re after, catastrophic failure will be an afterthought for them and their guide.”