Rodrigo Salles

ProStaff Rodrigo Salles

Rodrigo is VP and Sales Director of Untamed Angling ( a fly fishing lodges company, and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Some of Untamed Angling’s world-renowned destinations are La Zona Lodge in Northern Argentina and Tsimane Lodge in Bolivia. Rodrigo is a Brazilian native and grew up fishing freshwater Golden Dorado and other warm water species from small streams up to huge rivers, from Pantanal Marsh to Amazon jungle. His passion is to explore freshwater fly fishing adventures deep inside the clear water rivers of the Amazon and other wild and lost jungle areas of South America. These are his home waters and where he breathes the essence of fly fishing. He is a fly fishing columnist for The Fly Fish Journal. His works and photos can also be found in Catch Magazine and other international publications.

The freshwater Golden Dorado and Peacock Bass is his favorite quarry. Mostly, he’s interested in Dorado and other species you’ve never dreamed of.

“Dealing with Amazon jungle species is always unpredictable. In one moment, you could have at the other end a medium sized Yatorana (an amazon Brycon species which weighs around 5 pounds) caught on a big dry fly, and at same time a huge Pirapitinga of 25+ pounds can emerge from the depths, and take the same fly! Done! Now you have a locomotive pushing to a deep pool full of fallen trees and sharp stone edges. You might want to stop it or at least slow down those runs. For those unpredictable situations, you need a strong, no maintenance drag. My model is the 7 plus Dorado Series; the most versatile outfit you can have in your hands to deal with something unpredictable.”