A few weeks back we were contacted by Tate Cunningham who is the drummer for the Nashville based band SafetySuit, and an avid fly fisherman.  It turns out that Tate spends a fair amount of time on the road (no surprise) and when he’s not drumming he’s fly fishing.  He sent me a few links to his web site to give it listen and I got side tracked and never got around to it.

About two weeks ago I broke my ankle in a trail running accident and found myself with more time on my hands than usual.  So, I went to their web site for a listen.  Now I’m a big big fan of classic punk rock and vintage country so I wasn’t prepared to like their stuff.  But I gotta admit these guys got a ton of talent.  The other day Tate sent me a video of a recording session and in it he’s sporting a Hatch Rooster Rock T shirt.  Now I really dig em’.  I’m a fan!  Thank you Tate for supporting my company and hopefully I can return the favor by turning on some of our anglers to your music and blog.  Cheers!  John

You can check out Safetysuit music at:

Tate’s personal fly fishing web site:

Check out the recording session video: