2013 Simms Ice Out

We’d like to say thank you to everyone who attended Simms Ice Out this past weekend in Bozeman.  The weather was perfect, the fishing was pretty damn good for the time of year, and the guide olympics and festivities were enough to keep even the most hung over participants engaged.  Thankfully we’re back in California where we can get a little bit of sleep and rest our bloated livers before the next “fly fishing event”.  Seriously, it might be altogether possible that our industry is single handedly keeping the booze business afloat.   At this pace it wont be long until some major beer sponsor will step in and fund a fly fishing events.

Special thanks to K.C. Walsh and his entire staff for doing what no one else can.  Putting on an event that draws guides from all around the country to meet, fish, drink, compete, shop and have fun is no small task.  It’s easy to see why Simms is who they are.  Hopefully, despite some of our questionable behavior while under the influence, we will be invited back again next year.  To Ian Davis of Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures, who invited Danny and I to stay at his home for a second year in a row, your hospitality knows no bounds and we are grateful.  Cheers!