Vertra and Waterman Sun Protection from Hatch

We’ve spent a lot of time in the sun chasing down fish, and we’ve found that the best skin protection out there is made by two of the top brands in the surfing industry –  Vertra Elemental Resistance and Waterman’s Applied Science.

These two companies offer the longest lasting, non greasy, easy to apply sun protection on the market today.  The cream products allow you to apply a base at the beginning of the day, while the Face Stick products allow you to apply sunscreen the same way you’d apply lip balm throughout the day. This is a great applicator for anglers who want to keep their fingers dry and clean when handling flies or cork grips. It’s fast and easy to run down your face, neck, nose and ears.

You can buy these products through the web store in individual or combo packages. If you’re as concerned about skin cancer as we are, then you don’t want to get caught in the sun without them. Happy angling!

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