2013 Del Brown Permit Tournament WINNERS!

Congratulations to Hatch Pro Staffers Capt. Justin Rea (http://www.fishinginkeywest.com) and Angler Greg Vincent (http://www.h20bonefishing.com) for another great win.  First in 2009, then 2011 and now 2013.  It seems like every other year our boys win this tournament.  To say we’re proud as punch is an understatement.  While we’d love to take credit and say that it was the reels, the fact is that both men are incredible Captains and and even better fly anglers.  We’re honored to have you both as part of our team – and more importantly as our friends.  Thanks for all the support amigos! Learn more about the Del Brown Permit Tournament here: http://www.delbrown.comGregDB13 JustinDB13