Hatch’s New Digs!

Over the past 4 months Hatch HQ underwent a major remodeling project.  We had outgrown our old digs to the point where had product and gear piled to the rafters – literally.  While this might sound like fly fisherman’s dream, it made our day to day operations more challenging.  Not to mention the fact that we were probably in violation of about a hundred different safety codes.  Thats said, something had to be done – and this is what we did.  We’d like to thank everyone who made this possible from the construction crew to our customers.  Also, we’d like to extend a very special thanks to everyone at Western CNC who had to endure the project, noise, dust, and so forth during the construction process- while Hatch moved off site to a much quieter facility.  _JCT6601_JCT6595