Christmas Island – Ikari House


It’s been a little over a month now since we returned from our first trip to Christmas Island. We were invited by Front Range Angler owner Steve McLaughlin during the same week that our good friends Capt. Mike Hennessy and Capt. Bruce Chard were hosting a handful of their best clients.

At first we were a little skeptical about CXI based on the varied responses from people who had been there at different periods of time over the past 15 years. Some anglers thought it was just mediocre—fishing,  food, accommodations and so forth. Others thought it was absolutely great. As it turned out, we fell into the latter category.

It aint no luxury fishing destination. It’s kind of like staying in a college dorm room for a week. That said, college was a pretty damn good time… at least what I remember of it. As for the fishing, we can safely say this is the finest saltwater destination we’ve ever been to.

Here’s why!

1. There’s nothing else to compare it to.  For example, you can’t compare the fishing to the Keys because there are no tarpon or permit. And let’s face it, that’s what the Keys are all about to most anglers. And while the Keys still remain my favorite place to fish in general, it’s anything but remote. Which leads us to number two.

2. The place feels like you’re so far off the grid that it’s scary.  Some areas feel tropical, some like Africa, and some like the surface of the Moon. It’s a weird place—but all beautiful. Also, there’s one flight a week in or out and there ain’t no hospitals or anything like that. If something happens to you, and it definitely can here, then you better have Global Rescue. That said, there is plenty of beer and alcohol, and the last time I checked that had been known to cure all kinds of ailments.

3. Species.  There are so many different kinds of fish and the vast majority of them are eager to take the fly. Here’s a little run down of what we picked up over a week: Golden Trevally, Blue Trevally, Giant Trevally, Picasso Trigger, Moustache Trigger, Wrasse, Sweetlips, Milkfish, Bonefish and many many more.  I think we even hooked Nemo and Dorie one afternoon as well. The point is this—there’s a ton of fish in all shapes, sizes and colors, that love to eat stuff.

We could go on and on, but you really have to experience it for yourself. Plus, you have to go through Hawaii to get there and that doesn’t suck. When you’re in Hawaii you gotta fish for monster bones with Mike Hennessy.

The current pricing for this trip is an absolute steal for the quality of fishing. If you’re at all interested, contact Front Range Anglers or Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures to book your trip of a lifetime today.

Happy angling!

John & Danny