What’s In The Bag? – Swinging For Rainbows (AK Trout) with Kyle Shea

– A Message From Our Founder – 

I have to confess, I have never fished Alaska. My wife has, my kids have, all my fly-fishing friends have, I bet even the guy that mows my lawn has, but not me….
Alaska is a pretty wild place and you want to have all your ducks lined up in a row to plan a successful trip. Kyle Shea has been Hatch Prostaff for several years and has guided in Alaska for even longer, and his expertise makes his knowledge of the area invaluable to anyone daring enough to take it on. When I finally make my trip to the Last Frontier I will be calling on Kyle to help me organize it.

– Danny Ashcraft
CEO / Founder

Fishing in the 49th state requires you to be prepared. The ever-present uncertainties of fishing in remote locations along with the opportunity to target a wide range of species using a bunch of different techniques (oft within the same day) often makes the most prepared angler the most successful angler.

Home to the most prolific populations of native rainbow trout fishery on the planet, Alaska pulls at the heartstrings of the trophy trout chaser. With the season just around the corner, we’re gearing up to battle those mammal-murdering, smolt-crashing, flesh-eating rainbows, and here’s what I’m bringing to the fight.


Single-Hand Setup


Double-Hand (Trout Spey) Setup


Single-Hand Setup:

Double-Hand (Trout-Spey) Setup:



Kyle Shea is fly fishing guide, casting instructor, and fly fishing content creator/writer currently based out of Anchorage, Alaska. For over half a decade, Kyle oversaw Deneki Outdoors’ daily fly fishing blog while working as the head guide for Alaska West (a remote tent-lodge on the Kanektok River) in the summers and managing the fishing program at Andros South (a bonefishing lodge on South Andros Island in the Bahamas). Currently, when not writing about fishing, hosting fishing trips, or actually fishing, he’s spearheading the branding efforts for Bristol Adventures, the parent company for four lodges in Bristol Bay; Kulik Lodge, Mission Lodge, Grosvenor Lodge, and Brooks Lodge.

>> To learn more about Kyle or book a trip, visit his profile HERE , or follow him on Instagram, @kshea_flyfishing<<