Q & A: International Travel for Anglers with Camille Egdorf

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 If you're planning a trip, whether it be short and domestic or a once-in-a-lifetime international splurge, take some tips from Camille Egdorf and travel like a pro.

As the Program Director for both Alaskan and Christmas Island trips out of YellowDog Flyfishing Adventures, Camille is a certified expert in her field. So take it from her, and be prepared for anything. 


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Q & A:

Hatch: Can you think of a time when you were in the middle of nowhere wishing you had packed something?

Camille: Shower shoes. Most of the showers I’ve used while traveling have been totally fine, but there have been times where I would look at the floor and cringe that I have to put my bare feet on that. So I make it a point to bring a pair of flip flops where ever I go now. If anything, they make great camp/lodge shoes.


Hatch: What are some items you never travel without?

Camille: First aid kit, wet wipes, YETI bottle, water filter, Global Rescue card, Sat phone, and a fire starter kit - which consists of a lighter and wax soaked shavings. I also make it a point to always have chocolate.


Hatch: Describe how you pack your gear. What items do you check-in vs. carry on?

Camille: I usually have everything split between 3 different bags - one bag that is my check-in bag and two bags that are carry-ons. All of my clothes, boots, waders – things I can survive without go in that checked bag. As for my rods, reels, flies etc., those don’t leave my sight. I have a Simms rod vault that can carry all of my equipment and is allowed on all airlines. There are times when I’ll have to gate check it if I’m boarding a smaller plane, but for the most part, it never leaves my sight. I also carry a backpack which has my laptop, an extra pair of clothes, and toiletries if I’m traveling all day.


Hatch: How do you recommend packing for the least damage to fishing gear?

Camille: I try to pack things tightly to eliminate or reduce the amount of movement going on inside. Rod vaults by Simms and other companies are great because they’re designed to protect your equipment, so a lot of the hard work is done for you. Regardless, I always pack my rods in their sleeves, Hatch reels in their cases, and wrap rubber bands around any fly boxes I may be carrying on - seems to keep things organized and in one place.


Hatch: You’ve been on enough trips to know that preparing for the unexpected is always the best way to think. What items do you put in your kit to be ready when travel plans go awry?

Camille: I think the most important is having a stocked first aid kit. Injuries and/or illnesses happen, especially when you’re going somewhere remote or third world. I also make it a point to carry emergency cash and a printed copy of my passport. Most times you don’t need these things, but when you do, you’ll be glad to have them. It’s also good to bring a good attitude and understand sometimes things happen that are outside of your control. How you react and deal with those changes can be the difference between a very bad or good experience.


Hatch: What essential items do you recommend bringing backups for on every trip?

Camille: Always have a backup rod, reel and line. The last thing you want to have happen is go on your “once-in-a-life-time trip” and break an important piece of equipment the first day with no back up. I’m also a proponent of bringing some snacks from home such as granola bars, trail mix, etc. I’ve been left hungry too many times, so I make it a point to have something to snack on at all times.


Hatch: Lastly, where is somewhere you haven’t been that you are really want to see?

Camille: That’s a question with many answers! I really gravitate to freshwater fisheries since that’s what I grew up with. I would love to visit Iceland someday!

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Get to know more about Camille:

Camille Egdorf Get To Know More ABout Camille

Camille is the director for the Alaskan and Christmas Island Programs run out of YellowDog Flyfishing Adventures . You can read more about her on her profile on YellowDog's Team page, or check out her recent interview by listening to YellowDog's podcast, Waypoints, which can be found on their website or listening sites like Apple & Spotify. 

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