The Complete Angler


An essential bundle that every angler can’t do without.

The Complete Angler bundle combines all of our best, making it a sure fire way to impress and excite the angling enthusiast in your life(even if that enthusiast is you)! This bundle contains 1 Hatch Nomad Plier(4 available colors), 1 Hatch Nipper(4 available colors), 1 Hatch Knot Tension Tool and our Large Fly Box.

Get em’ while they’re hot!

Plier Colors

Black Nomad Pliers, Blue Nomad Pliers, Red Nomad Pliers, Silver Nomad Pliers

Nipper Colors

Black Nippers, Blue Nippers, Red Nippers, Silver Nippers

Large Fly Box

Large Fly Box

Knot Tension Tool

Knot Tension Tool