Watershot PRO iPhone 6 Plus Housing Kit Black/Limpet Shell


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The Watershot® iPhone® 6(s) Plus PRO Kit is an exceptionally robust, professional Underwater Camera Housing for the iPhone 6(s) Plus. This is not a case. Housing Kit features two large Optical Quality Glass interchangeable – Flat and Wide Angle Lens Ports. The Wide Angle Lens Port increases the Field of View to 110 degrees. This is the perfect accessory for your next trip out on the water!

  • Depth Rating: 195ft/60m
  • Interchangeable Lens Port Mount, 2 Lens Ports: Flat and Wide Angle Lens Port
  • 5 Conductive buttons, 1 Home button – optimize still & video camera functions
  • Two integrated universal tripod mount
  • One Year Limited Warranty

iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus