Alberto & Marica Salvini "The Italians"

Alberto & Marica Salvini

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Alberto & Marica Salvini






Affectionately known as “THE ITALIANS” Alberto and Marica have been traveling and fishing all over the world and are expert guides in many waters of the USA, particularly in the West for more than 10 years. Since 2000 they have been promoting and guiding the last freshwater frontier Mongolia, and the special saltwater fishing for the tropical islands of Maldives and Seychelles.

In Italy they also contribute and teach at the fly fishing school with different Clubs and Associations.

Together they work as promoting fly fishing techniques like freelance journalists and photographers, instructors, speakers for Clubs and Shows, consultants for some international Companies in the fly fishing market, and testimonials of important fly fishing products.

Moreover, they attend the world’s most important meetings and workshops to widen their experience and support the fly fishing philosophy of conservation, education and catch and release.

In 2005 Marica and Alberto started their own company “The Italians”, with the double aim of producing “Pescavventura”, a travel/documentary series on fly fishing adventures around the world broadcast on the satellite television channel “Caccia e Pesca” Sky 235-236 and of distributing top brand fly-fishing products in the Italian market.