Capt. Mark Martin

Capt. Mark is a full time saltwater guide off the coast of San Diego Ca. and lodge owner of Tarponville Fishing Lodge in Costa Rica. Capt. Mark has a true obsession for the “SoCal Salt” and the Shortfin Mako shark that calls these waters home. Mark is constantly chasing everything from the harbors of San Diego to the local offshore banks of the Tuna grounds. If catching a Mako shark on the fly is on your list, Capt. Mark can get you there…

Need a Tarpon fix? Mark is also the owner/ operator of Tarponville fishing lodge located on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. When not fishing the waters of Southern California Mark can be found in Costa Rica jumping the “Silver king” and chasing permit on the newly found fishing flats of Costa Rica. If you would like to visit mark in Costa Rica, visit the Tarponville website at:

Capt. Mark is constantly testing the boundaries of drag systems and backing chasing big game fish. After years of tearing up different reals, teaming up with hatch has been game changer in having the confidence to chase fish and not worrying about the performance of the reel. From giant Tarpon in Costa Rica, to Rooster fish in the East Cape of Baja Mexico, to Mako shark and Tuna off the coast of Southern California, Mark is proud to be an Ambassador for Hatch reels.

See Mark in his short documentary film “For the Sport of it” about fly fishing for Mako Shark off the coast of San Diego: Click Here

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For the Sport of It- mako shark Documentary:

Mark also a member of “Anglers Eye Media” which has their first film featured in the 2015 IF4 film tour, “In Search of Grande”: Click Here