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A retired fisheries scientist, I was born to share small glimpses about being human through story telling, writing and art, most of which is filtered in some way through the lens of fishing. Along the way, I’ve fished for some sixty years; fly fished and tied flies for over fifty years; served as an officer in the US Navy; been dad to two sons; established a distinguished career as fishery scientist over four decades; and transitioned into a role as an active ambassador for the fly fishing industry over the last decade.

I first fished with a hand-line in the Bosporus near Istanbul, Turkey, in about 1955 or 56, catching very little fish. I grew up fishing San Francisco Bay, lakes in Germany, the waters of Kwajalein Atoll, streams in Montana, and many Oregon waters. I started tying flies in the early 1960s, so overall, I’ve been fishing roughly six decades and tying flies for five decades.

Along the way, I fished Shakespeare Wonder Rods, Perrine Automatic and Pfluger Medalist fly reels, Penn Squidders, Mitchell 300s, Cardinal Zebcos, Ambassadeur 6000s, and of late, every fly rod and reel imaginable, or nearly so. I’ve collected nightcrawlers at midnight, cured salmon eggs, made spinners, poured my jig-heads, tied flies, shaped my own cork bobbers, tuned flatfish, and fiddled with all likes of tackle in between. My angling passion since 2003 has been two-fold: Chinook on the fly and fishing the ocean offshore Pacific City for sea bass, silvers, lingcod, and albacore.

My associations with the fly fishing community are broad and deep, including but certainly not limited to these: Rajeff Sports Pro Staff, Burkheimer Pro Staff, Hareline Dubbin Ambassador, SIMMS Ambassador, Hatch Outdoors Pro Staff, and Caddis Fly Shop Client Advisor. I am honored to share my confidence in these products, businesses, and the people behind the scenes I have come to know as friends and fellow fly fishing enthusiasts.

I have published a total of 9 books on Amazon so far, and all are related in some way to fishing, salmon conservation, and/or fly tying. Some fly shops are beginning to carry these books too but they are most accessible direct from Amazon or by contacting me directly. More books are in process too, and every day is filled with new plans and adventures.

Fishingwithjay.wordpress.com is my personal blog, and I am a regular contributor to the Caddis Fly Blog.

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