Tim "Fishman" Emery


Pro Staff

Tim "Fishman" Emery

Tim ‘Fishman’ Emery spent over ten years fishing, guiding and managing shops in the Vail Valley. From small outfitters to large shops he did it all. Tim also spent 4 years as the fishing voice in Vail. If you were in Vail during the summer you would have heard him giving pointers on fishing and where the Caddis hatch was that day. He did this while working for 101.5 KZYR.

“Fishman” has since left the mountains and moved to Denver. Tim is now the casting coordinator for Trout’s Fly Fishing located at 1069 S. Gaylord St. in Denver. He is also the membership coordinator for Denver Trout Unlimited. Tim has competed for a spot on the National Fly Fishing Team including coming in 11th place overall at the National Championships in June of ’06.

Tim’s passion for the sport has lead him all over the world to fish for anything that swims. You can contact Tim through Trout’s Fly Fishing in Denver or Denver Trout Unlimited.