Kameron Brown

Southern California fly fishing enthusiast and surfing addict, Kameron Brown, spends most his days on the water living his interpretation of the California Dream. On a typical day you can find him at his local surf break, San Onofre or on his boat fishing for local inshore species like Calico Bass, Yellowtail, and the infamous Short Fin Mako Shark. Fishing heavy lines with big equipment is the standard here in his home waters. “Never leave home without the 12+ and 650 grain sinking line.”

Kameron grew up in Laguna Beach, California just a stones throw from the beach. At the age of 16, Kameron picked up a surfboard and never looked back. Adding surfing to his already steady supply of hobbies has created a curious kid that couldn’t stop from exploring. Japan, Australia, Mentawai Islands, Bali, China, Central America and Hawai’i are just a few places he has been, and has recently docked Kauai, Hawaii as his #1. Keep an eye out for a new project he is working on, Kaua’i On The Fly.

 From San Carlos Marlin and overnight Tuna trips to Mammoth Mountain trout and So-Cal Carp, Kameron thanks his father for paving the road to his active outdoor life. “When my Dad would watch me as a kid…. I was somehow always “sick” and couldn’t make it to school. I had more sick days that consisted of hunting birds and pulling on tuna then actual school days spent in the classroom. Thanks Dad.”

Without the help from my sponsors, I couldn’t have made this life I’m living a reality. A special thanks to Hatch, Howler Bros, SOCCO Socks, SPY Optics, and 81 Wetsuits for always taking care of me and providing me with top quality products.


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