Robert Boyce

Robert has lived in Bozeman, MT for the past 18 years and has enjoyed all of the local Montana waters not only for fun but for outfitting as well. He began his guiding career in Alaska and over the years has become a full service outfitter operating on the waters of Southwest Montana. Coupled with his time living in Montana, Robert has also acquired a tremendous amount of experience fishing throughout the world including the destinations and lodges of Alaska, Montana, Russia, Bahamas, Mexico, Belize, BC, Argentina and many others. He enjoys trout first but, the saltwater species haunt him right around the beginning of every winter in Bozeman. About 15 years ago, Robert started Castafly Travel Co. Robert’s enjoyment of outfitting and taking care of your fishing travel needs is not only passionate but contagious and you can rest assured that he will set you up at the right place at the right time. When Robert is not out on the water or arranging the details of your trip he spends his off time enjoying all of what the Bozeman area has to offer with his wife Katie.