Shaun Lawson

Shaun Lawson is Yellow Dogs’ program manager and director for their Mexico and Canada line-ups. Shaun grew up on the Henry’s Fork River, literally. His father Mike opened Henry’s Fork Anglers in 1976 and Shaun spent every summer on the river from the age of three on. Shaun brings a ton of industry experience to the position, having guided throughout Montana and Idaho for more than 22 years. Shaun also worked as past fishing operations manager for Idaho’s South Fork Lodge, one of the top lodge and outfitting operations in the business. There are very few people in the entire fly fishing industry as knowledgeable and experienced as Shaun! His friendly demeanor is often overshadowed by his shear stature, and you will be hard-pressed to find a more inspired and outgoing angler on any river. During the summer months Shaun still works as a fishing guide on his beloved Henry’s Fork during the month of June and throughout southwestern Montana as an independent contractor through the rest of the year.