We have been on the Hatch guide program now since 2012 through our fishing lodge in British Columbia, and we continue to love the quality of all their products and truly value the great service we receive. We have maybe 12 to 15 reels in use now and have hardly had any issues with them despite some great battles with large steelhead and salmon! And everyone who has used the nomad pliers always wants a pair. The speed and efficiency of their customer service is always excellent too. We have several guide deals in place for the BC lodge but truly value the Hatch relationship above all the others. Thank you!

Hatch Customer, Robert F.

I just wanted to thank you guys for taking care of my damaged reel. Not only did you repair and replace at a very reasonable price, also the turn around time was amazing. Now I know why I bought an great American made product. Now back to fishing.

Hatch Customer, Jonah B.

There are two things in my life that are dependable, reliable, sexy and have never failed me, my wife and my 7Plus!

Hatch Customer, Dennis M.

So the two lines I use the most are the 400 and 500 he and they have probably caught between the two close to a thousand yellowtail, that’s no BS either and about thirty yellow fin and who knows how many bonito…you can come up with some outrageous number and it would be close ha ha!!

Hatch Pro, Vaughn Podmore

First off, I would like to thank you so much for your help today. I would like to reiterate that every time I work with your company I am never unsatisfied. I would like for you to run it up the “food chain” that you and your coworkers are wonderful and always eager to help. And in this world, these days, that is hard to find. Your customer service is bar none. I know that everyone is always eager to write with complaints, but me also being in the service industry and business for most of my life (i.e. the Lodge, restaurant business, and retail), it is nice to be able to complement people whom do their jobs perfectly. Being able to promote a product is always tough, but not only does your product deliver, but I can honestly say it is your customer service that makes it so much better.

Hatch Customer, Steven A.

I wanted to thank you for the great service. In fact, I was so impressed by your can-do attitude and  quick turnaround that I went to my local shop, The Bedford Sportsman, and bought another Hatch reel. Gave them a Nautilus to put on eBay. I’ll be fishing only with Hatch reels from now on.

Hatch Customer, Peter T.